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This document sets out the terms and conditions for using www.e-stabil.ro, hereinafter referred to as E-STABIL.

Use of this website is possible only if the terms and conditions below are complied.

Using the site, login and access to services implies acceptance of these terms and conditions, with all the consequences arising from their acceptance.

According to current legislation regarding data protection and information services and electronic commerce, the user accepts that his personal data provided when registering, or any other type of data provided to the company Verami Rent SRL be incorporated into files belonging to this company, with the aim to facilitate the provision of services.

Verami Rent SRL promises to keep secret personal details, to treat them confidentially and to take the technical, organization and safety measures needed to avoid alteration, loss and unauthorized access, in compliance with the Law 677 / 2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

Individuals whose data are processed by the undersigned may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition stipulated in the Law 677/2001 and other applicable laws by sending an email to info@e-stabil.ro.

Amicable conciliation

If you have issues that does not seem to be resolved through e-mail or with the person you are talking to, you can opt for an internal free reconciliation with our consultant on such matters Liloiu Mihai by phone: 0760.770.824 or at the following e-mail: conciliere@e-stabil.ro.



The permitted purpose of this site is to obtain online information about hosts that own and offer available spaces for renting. Any use for purposes other than this is not allowed.

E-stabil does not assume responsibility for the security of this site or your communication.

When using the Site, Application and Services (collectively named E-Stabil), you are in a contractual relationship with E-STABIL.

E-stabil is referred to as "E-stabil", "us", "our" and provides an online platform that connects hosts who own spaces for rent with guests interested in renting these spaces.

These services are available on:

- the website www.e-stabil.ro;

- any other website announced by E-stabil, on which E-stabil enables these services;

- mobile applications ("apps").

By using the Site or our applications you expressly accept the fact that you agree to our Terms and Conditions even if you become or not a registered user of our Services.

These terms and conditions govern your access to our services and use of the Site, Application and Services.

Also, by accessing our Services, you consent to your participation in the referral program (specified below).

Please read the Privacy Policy at http://www.e-stabil.ro/pages/view/privacy-policy.

The term "user" of this site is any person or company who will access this website.



E-stabil offers free access to the website www.e-stabil.ro and authorizes you to view, print and send existing information on the site only for the purposes set forth above.

The copyright for information published on this site is owned by Verami Rent LLC or its authorized partners.

No material from this site may be reproduced in full or partially or amended without previous permission, given in writing by the legal representative of Verami Rent SRL or without prior written consent of partners / hosts.

The content of this site, text, graphics, photographs, software, logos and any other material on the site are protected by copyright and are the property of Verami Rent LLC or its partners.

It is forbidden to create links between www.e-stabil.ro and other websites without prior consent in writing. In situations where this happens without the express written consent of Verami Rent SRL, E-stabil assumes no responsibility for the unaffiliated websites that were created connections. Also Verami Rent SRL can not be held liable for material posted on unaffiliate websites by anyone other than those authorized, and reserves the right to claim penalties for any action of this kind, made without prior agreement.

Verami Rent SRL or third parties may provide through the website authorized links to other pages or resources. Verami Rent SRL does not guarantee and can not be held liable in any way for their availability, form, content, advertising, products or other materials available on those websites. Verami Rent SRL will not be responsible or liable to pay compensation, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on the information, content, goods or services available on the E-stabil website.

The reproduction, copying, duplication, selling, reselling or exploiting a part of the services, access or use of the services or information provided by Verami Rent SRL through the site in a way that violates the Romanian and international copyright intellectual property, will involve civil liability and / or criminal liability for such actions.

Verami Rent SRL (E-stabil) reserves the right to prevent by any means the contacting and using of this site and to claim penalties for the involved persons if there is evidence that the goal is the destruction or alteration of the site, its content or security or the attempt to attack or discredit Verami Rent SRL or its partners, services and / or personnel.

Any possible litigation with this site and the terms and conditions of use provided, it is for the courts of law in Romania.

Copyright of the content of the site www.e-stabil.ro is owned entirely by SC VERAMI RENT SRL. If you discover content that is not ours entirely please notify us by e-mail: sesizari@e-stabil.ro.



3.1. Not allowed:

- Copying, reproduction, distribution, archiving or storage, by any means, including electronic, magnetic or computerized of the materials and information on this website;

- The attempt to interfere by any means, in this site, deletion or modification by any means of materials and information, or attempt to act in this respect;

- The attempt to scan, probe or test the vulnerability of any system orf the website or of Verami Rent LLC or accessing any server or network services that are not public, without authorization;

- The attempt to interfere with the hosting servers by any means, including by attacking them by "flooding" or "DOS".

- Using any e-mail addresses published on the site to distribute them on mailing lists or for sending commercial emails ( "spamming") or for any other purpose than sending justified personal emails without the written consent of the owners of these addresses.

Violation of any of these rules will lead to civil or criminal liability. Verami Rent will investigate the facts involving such violations, cooperating with the authorities to prevent or impede such violations.

3.2. Applications in order to use the site

3.2.1. How does the Website, the applications and services work

The website, applications and services can be used to facilitate the publication and rental of residential homes and other properties ( "Spaces"). These spaces are included in the category of ads on the Site, Application and Services to the Hosts. You can view ads as an unregistered user on the Site, Application and Services. However, if you want to reserve a space, or add an announcement, you must first register and create an E-stabil account (specified below).

As noted above, E-stable provides an online platform and the related technology for hosts and guests, so they can connect and determine reserving spaces directly.

E-stable is not an owner or operator of properties including but not limited to hotel rooms, motel rooms or other spaces. E-stable is not a provider of properties including but not limited to hotel rooms, motel rooms or other spaces. E-stable does not own, sell, resell, provide, offer, rent, manages and / or controls properties, including but not limited to hotel rooms, motel rooms and other spaces, transport or travel services. Unless specified explicitly otherwise in our platform, E-stable is responsible only for the facilitation of access to the Site, Application, Services and serves as an limited collection of payments agent for each host, in order to accept payments from the guests in the host’s name.

We mention that, as stated above, website, applications and services are designed to facilitate the guest’s connection with the host and for booking spaces directly. E-stabil has no right and does not control the content of any ad, conditions, legality or appropriateness of the Host’s status / ad. E-stabil assumes no responsibility for any ad or / and space. Consequently, any reservation and / or rental will be made on the guest's own risk.

3.2.2. Create an Account

In order to access certain features of the Site and Application, to reserve a space or add an ad, you must register to create an account ( "E-stabil account") and become a user. You can register to join the service directly through the Site or applications as described in this section.

You can also register by synchronizing certain third accounts on social sites "(SNS") including but not limited to Facebook. As part of the functionality of the Site, Application and Services, you can synchronize E-stabil with the third party account: to provide access account information to the third site through our Site, Application or Services, or allowing E- stabil to access the third party account under the terms and conditions that govern your use for each third party account.

You declare you are entitled to make known the acces information to the third party account for E-stabil and that you grant access to E-stable to the third party account (including, but not limited to use for the purposes described here),  without violation by you of any term or condition that controls the use of the third party account and without obligating E-stabil to pay any taxes or making E-stabil subject to any limitations imposed by the providers of the third party account.

You understand that E-stabil will access your third party accounts, will provide and will store (if applicable) any Content that you have provided and / or stored in the third party account ("SNS Content") so that it is available through the Site, Services and Applications, using the E-stabil account and E-stabil’s profile page.

Unless otherwise stated in these terms, all SNS Content, if any, will be considered User Content for all purposes of these terms. Depending on the third party account that you choose and per your privacy settings you have set in that third party account, personally identifiable information that you post on third parties accounts will be available through the E-stabil account on the Site, Services and Applications. Please note that if the third party account or the related services become unavailable or E-stabil’s access to the third party account is stopped by the service provider of the third party account, the SNS content will not be available on and through the Site, services and applications.

You may turn off the connection between the E-stabil account and the Third Party Account at any time by accessing the "Settings" section of the Site and Application.

Note that your relationship with the third party accounts service providers have accounts associated with third party accounts is regulated exclusively by your agreement (agreements) with those service providers of third party accounts.

E-stabil will not perform any action to examine any SNS Content for any purpose, including but not limited to the accuracy, validity or infringement of rights and E-stabil is not responsible for any SNS content.

We will create your E-stable account and your E-stabil profile page for your use of the Site and Application based on personal information you provide or which we (E-stabil ) obtain through SNS as noted above.

You can have a maximum of one (1) active E-stabil account. You agree to provide accurate, current and complete information throughout the registration process and to update this information to keep it accurate, current and complete. E-stable reserves the right to suspend or delete your E-stabil account and your access to the Site, Application and Services if you create more than one (1) E-stabil Account or if any information provided during the registration process or later turns out to be outdated, inaccurate or incomplete. You are responsible for protecting your access password. You agree that you will not disclose the password to any third party and that you will be solely responsible for any actions or activities within your E-stabil Account, even if you have authorized or not those activities or actions. You must immediately notify E-stabil in the event of any unauthorized use of the E-stabil Account.

3.3. Accommodation

As an user, you can add Listings. To submit an ad you will be asked for a variety of details and you will be asked questions about your space so that it can be added to our site, including but not limited to: location, capacity, size, features, availability, prices and associated rules, financial conditions.

In order to be available in the Listings section of the Site, Application and Services, all spaces must have a valid physical address. Ads will be made public via the Site, Application and Services. Other users will be able to reserve your space through the Site, telephone, applications and services based on the information provided in the listing.

You understand and agree that: once a Guest sends a request for the reservation of your space, you can not ask a higher price than the one written in the reservation request.

You understand and agree that you are responsible for any and all the listings that you post. Under the terms, you represent and warrant any ad you post and its booking or stay of every guest in your space. You will not violate any agreement that you made with any third party such as : owners associations, conditions condominium or rental conditions. You also warrant that the listing(s) will be in accordance with all the laws and regulations applicable (such as laws specific to the area and laws governing rentals of residential properties and other properties), tax requirements and rules and regulations which apply to any space included in your ad (including having all the permits and licenses) and there will be no problem in terms of third party rights.

Please note that E-stable assumes no responsibility for any agreement or indebtedness, applicable law, rules or regulations that a host has against a third party.

E-stable reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to prohibit access to any listing for any reason, including ads that E-stable, in its sole discretion, considers to be inadequate for various reasons, such as: they violate the Terms and policies or the conduct of the Community (http://www.e-stabil.ro/pages/view/privacy-policy) or harm the Site, Application or Services.

If you are a host you understand and agree that E-stabil does not work as an insurer or as your agent of contract. If a guest requests a reservation of your space, any agreement you make with the guest is between you and the respective guest and E-stabil is not party to this agreement. As stated above, E-stabil serves as limited authorized agent for collecting payments for the purposes of accepting payments from guests in the name of the hosts or amounts specified by the hosts (including cleaning fees or / and other charges).

When creating a Listing, you can opt for certain requirements that must be fulfilled by eligible users to be able to make a reservation request, including but not limited to: a profile picture or to check the phone number to be able to make a reservation.

Any user wishing to reserve a space also included in the Listings section with such requirements must meet these conditions. More information on how to set these requirements is available in the "Listings" section on the Site, Application or Services.

If you are a host, E-stable makes certain tools available to help you make decisions based on information regarding the users you choose for booking confirmation for your space. You understand and agree that as a host you are responsible for your own actions, omissions, but also for the acts and omissions of any individual who lives or is present in that space at your request or invitation, except for the Guest (and people invited by the Guest , if appropriate).

E-stabil recommends that the hosts obtain appropriate insurance for the Spaces. Please review carefully any insurance policy that you have for your space and, in particular, make sure you understand any exception that your insurance policy covers or not and any deductions that apply to those policies insurance, including but not limited to: if your insurance policy covers or not actions or lack of action by guests (and by the people the guests invited to the accommodation, if applicable) during the stay in the accommodation spaces.

E-Stabil may offer the guest the option (depending on the city) to provide professional photographers to photograph their spaces. If you, as a host, opt for a professional photographer, pictures will be provided to you for inclusion in your listings with a symbol or logo mentioning the following words: "Pictures Verified by E-stabil.ro" or similar wording "Verified Photos". All images, materials and content created by these photographers, including the Verified Photos, are E-stabil’s content, whether or not the host include them in the listings.

3.4. THE COOKIES POLICY: definitions, terms, application

Like many web pages, E-stabil also uses cookies. In this document we want to explain our cookies policy.

3.4.1. What is a "cookie"?

A "cookie" is a small file that is downloaded to a user’s browser in order to store data that can be recovered by the entity responsible for its installation. Cookies are essential to the proper functioning of the Internet and, among other things, facilitates navigation.

3.4.2. What are a "cookie’s" uses?

Cookies are used to store different types of information. There are several types of cookies, depending on the entity that manages them (our own cookies or those of third parties), depending on the length of time they remain active (session cookies or persistent), or depending on their purpose (technical customization, analysis, advertising or behavioral advertising cookies). For example, a "cookie" may allow your brower to remember important data (if you store data in your browser, such as preferences and your settings, they will restore automatically the next time you visit, without having to select them again - eg language, getting information about your browsing habits (in order to improve your experience) or to be able to present you relevant advertising based on this information.

3.4.3. How can I revoke my consent and how to remove cookies?

What you can do is configure your browser to not accept cookies or to notify you each time you visit a web page that uses them. However, if you do, there may be sections of the website or applications that you will not be able to use.

Types of cookies used by E-stabil:

3.4.4. Cookies that improve efficiency

This type of cookies keep your preferences for certain services or tools (such as language or currency) so you will not have to configure them every time you visit our website. In some cases, they can be the contribution of third parties.

3.4.5. Cookies for statistical analysis

These cookies allow the quantification of the number of visitors and the statistical analysis of the use of our services. They can be processed by others and, thanks to them, we can analyze the navigation in our portal and we can improve the way we present ourselves.

3.4.6. Geolocation cookies

They are used to locate the geographic position of the computer, smartphone or tablet, so that we are able to offer you the content and services most appropriate depending on where you are.

3.4.7. Registry cookies

When you register on our portal, cookies are generated that identify you as a registered user. They can be used to identify the user and they stay as long as you don’t abandon the account, close your browser or turn off the device. Also, these cookies can be used along with other analytical data to identify users’ preferences regarding our portal.

3.4.8. Advertising cookies

They are those that enable the effective management of the advertising space on our portal, in order to tailor ad content in using our website. They can be processed by us or by others and, thanks to them, we know your internet surfing habits and we can show you adequate advertising.

3.4.9. Other third party cookies

In some of our pages can be installed third party cookies that allow others to manage and improve the services they offer. An example of this are the links to social networks that allow the distribution of our content.

3.5.General Conditions on the use of E-stabil

The customer must check carefully the particular conditions of the apartment he books. By making the booking, the customer accepts the particular conditions of the apartment that he will book.

The customer must notify the contact person the approximate arrival time at least 24 hours before the arrival at the apartment.

The client must respect the property, its furniture and equipment.

Accommodation is not allowed for more people than those stipulated in the reservation request.

There are not allowed any illicit activities at the location during the stay.

In order to process any complaint, the customer must communicate as soon as possible and in any event within 24 hours of arrival or at the time of the incident, both to the owner and to E-stabil, in writing, any breach of contract that took place, including photographs if relevant.

If the customer does not communicate in the proper time and form, he will not be able to submit further complaints and will be responsible for all damages that occur or worsen.

E-stabil communicates the following:

- E-stabil acts in good faith as intermediary in contracting the services offered on its web pages;

- E-stabil can not intervene in the rental conditions set by the owner / host;

- Photos and information appearing on our portal are facilitated directly by the owners and these owners can change them regularly and at any time;

- E-stabil is only responsible for direct damage caused by defects attributable to our obligations, up to an amount equivalent to the total price of the reservation, as indicated in the email confirmation. This includes any event of cancellation of the booking from us for reasons like strike, force majeure or any other situation we do not control, but not if the property owner doesn’t make the reserved property available. In these cases, the reservation will be canceled and all expenses will be reimbursed, including E-stabil’s fees.

3.6. Cancellation Policy

The exception in Article 16 A of GEO 34/2014

Article 16: Exemptions from the right of withdrawal;

Are exempted from the right of withdrawal stipulated in Article 9-15 in respect of distance contracts and contracts away from business premises the following:

a) service contracts after providing complete services if the execution has begun with the prior express consent of the consumer and after the consumer confirmed that he acknowledged the fact that he will lose the right to withdraw after the complete execution of the contract by professionals ;

The client benefits from a right of withdrawal and can cancel the reservation if the following conditions are met:

- The customer has not used the services provided by this website, namely not checked in in the space / spaces reserved due to their unavailability (of the spaces)

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal:

- Customers must notify the cancellation in writing via email, fax or using the "Cancel" menu from E-stabil’s space.

Any cancellation by the customer, including force majeure cases or no-shows at the accommodation space is subject to the cancellation policy above mentioned.

You can not exercise the right of withdrawal if the services have already been rendered.

3.7. The Refund Policy

If meeting the conditions mentioned in the previous point (the customer is within the withdrawal period of 14 days calculated from the time of the booking and the customer has not used the services provided by this website, namely not accommodated in the space / spaces reserved), E -Stabil will refund any sums received as payment from the Customer, within maximum 14 days from when we were informed of the customer’s decision to withdraw.

Also, E-stabil will reimburse the fee in these circumstances, as long as the customer has met its obligations, explained in detail in the General Conditions:

- If the owner can not be contacted the day of check-in to provide access to the location.

- If the location does not provide the standards of accommodation and utilities described on the E-stabil website, only when the client has communicated this to E-stabil within 24 hours after check-in and after the apartment owner was notified and could not satisfy the customer’s needs.

- If an emergency occurs that makes the space uninhabitable at any time of the stay and as long as the client notifies E-stabil within 24 hours after it occurred.

3.8. The Comments Policy

E-stabil takes seriously the transparency and integrity of the comments received from customers. This policy was created so that the system is used correctly and impartially.

E-stabil ensures that only the users who have booked with us can leave a comment about a property on our site. The only way to access the System Reference is through one link that is sent to the customer after leaving the rented space.

E-stabil publishes your comments on the website, both positive and negative. E-stable will delete comments only if:

- they include offensive language or threatening

- they mention the name and surname of owner / contact person and / or property address

- it’s spam (eg advertising of any kind)

If E-stabil has reason to believe that an apartment owner tried to manipulate the commets system, we will take the necessary actions, such as removing all of the owner’s properties off the website and all comments until the situation is resolved.

In order to ensure a true transparency policy, E-stabil will post a comment to every listing whenever the owner will cancel a booking, stating the cancellation and the length of time since the owner canceled the reservation up until check in.

3.9. How do I make a reservation?

To make a reservation as a guest, click "Book instantly", then complete the form with the required data. Booking is done automatically. You will receive an email notification, an itinerary and the contact details of the host, including the exact address of the place you chose.


4. Payment

4.1. Secure payment

E-stable is an online company that works on the premises of transparency, promptness and safety. If you have any doubt about how we function, you can see all our policies here or contact us.

4.2. How does the payment work?

Reservations can be made automatically, and the guests pay directly to the hosts the rent.

E-stabil’s fee is 10% of the amount that the hosts request for renting a space, representing tax costs of accommodation (rent).

4.3. How can you trust that the payment is secure?

E-stabil has the security cerificate SSL GlobeSSL CA. The high level of safety that GlobeSSL offers is reflected in the green address bar. Our trademark is protected against phishing via SSL Certificate, the most powerful and safe.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions you may not get information from us or continue to use the Site (www.e-stabil.ro), applications or services.

Inability to use the Site and applications in accordance with these Terms and Conditions would be subject to civil penalties and / or criminal penalties.

The website, applications and services include an online platform where hosts (as defined below) may create listings (as defined below) for spaces (as defined below) that guests (defined below) can find out about and book by directly contacting the hosts.

You understand and agree that E-stabil is not party to any agreement between the hosts and the guests and E-stabil is not a real estate broker, real estate agent or insurer.

E-stabil has absolutely no control over the behavior of guests, hosts or other users of the site, applications and services and does not assume any responsibility regarding the maximum legal measures.

4.4. Listings pricing

The pricing for promoting a listing will be made as following:

25 lei - 14 days

40 lei - 28 days

From May 2016, E-stabil introduced the money-back service. If the owners are not pleased with the results obtained after a period of one calendar month, E-stabil undertakes to return 100% of the amount invested by them in promotion.



Verami Rent LLC reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, partially or totally, the services provided through this site, with or without notice.

Verami Rent SRL (and E-stabil) is not liable to the user or any other third party or institution for the modification, suspension or interruption of the services available through the site.

Verami Rent SRL (E-stabil) may change at any time the content and the conditions of use of the site. The new conditions become valid the moment they are made public on the Web site and are not retroactive.


6. Disclaimer

Accepting to use this site, you expressly declare that you understand that you agree to the following:

- the use of the Site is at your own risk. Verami Rent SRL is expressly relieved of all liability of any kind, expressed directly or indirectly, including, but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability or accordance with the specifications for a particular purpose.

Verami Rent SRL and the E-stabil site make no warranty that:

- the information will fulfill all your requirements,

- the services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free,

- the results that are obtained through the use of the site's information will be accurate or reliable,

- the quality of any products, services, information or other materials obtained by you through the site will meet your requirements,

- any program error will be rectified.

The user is the only person responsible for any damages to the system or the network that accesses the site or any data loss that might result from downloading information and services from the site.

No advice or information, oral or written, obtained from the website or through the website constitutes a warranty, unless expressly mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of Use.

E-stabil does not guarantee for any User or space. You agree and understand that the Verified Photos are intended only to indicate a photographic representation of the Space at the moment the photos were taken. Therefore, the Verified Photos are not a guarantee from E-stabil for any User or space. Users are bound by these Terms to provide accurate information and even if E-stabil can undertake additional processes and checks to help verify and / or confirm the user’s identity or content, us (E-stabil) do not guarantee and do not confirm for any user the identity or the content claimed by him.

Any reference within the Site, Application or Services to a user as "verified" or "connected" (or similar language) only indicates that the user has completed a relevant verification process and does not mean anything else. Any such description is not an endorsement, certification or guarantee from E-stabil with respect to any User, including user identity or if the user is reliable, safe or appropriate.

Instead, any such description is intended to provide useful information to you, to assess when you make your own decisions about the identity and suitability of other users you come into contact or you interact with via the Site, Application and Services.

Therefore E-stabil always recommends you to submit the necessary efforts and be very careful when you decide to rent from a host or when you accept a reservation request from a guest, as well as when you interact with any other user. E-stabil is not responsible for any damage resulting from interacting with other users.

By using the Site, Application or Services, you agree that any appeal or legal liability that you want to use for actions or omissions of other users or other third parties will be limited to a claim against particular users or other third parties that have caused you dissatisfaction.

You agree to not try to blame, not to make responsible in any way or not to seek a legal solution from E-stabil with respect to these actions or omissions.

Consequently, we (E-stabil) recommend communicating directly with other users through the Site and Services regarding any reservation or listing created by you. This limitation does not apply to any claim from a host against E-stabil regarding the issue of payments received from a Guest by E-stabil in the name of the host, but instead is subject to the limitations described in the section below entitled "Limitation of Liability".



Verami Rent SRL shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or special damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, goodwill, possibility of use, data or other intangible or immeasurable losses (even if E-Stabil was previously informed of the possibility of such damages), resulting from:

- the use or inability to use the site's information;

- the cost of procurement of complementary goods and services resulting from any goods, data, information or services purchased or obtained, incoming messages, transactions started by / on the E-stabil website;

- unauthorized access to, or deterioration of data transmission;

- statements or conduct of any third party on site services;

- any other problems with the site.

If you believe that any material made available on the site, posted by E-stabil, third parties or users violate the copyright or any other rights, it is necessary to address this situation at info@e-stabil.ro.

For sections of the site that may contain opinions from readers, the responsibility of the content rests entirely on the authors. E-stabil reserves the right not to publish those opinions that are contrary to the terms and conditions of use or that are considered harmful, in any form, to the site’s image, to the partners or third parties.

This site is offered as it is and without warranties. Verami Rent LLC is not and can not be held responsible for discrepancies, unavailability or other defects in the site or its content.



Personal information provided to the website E-stabil to be able to receive or use some services are protected under the Law 677/2001.

By filling in the registration forms online, users agree that the personal data they register to enter the E-stabil database and to receive messages on services, promotions, contests or any other actions conducted in the future by E-stabil and its agreed partners.

After submitting the registration, the user has access to an account for using the service. The user is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password associated with the access to www.e-stabil.ro services, conditioned by logging.

The user is entirely responsible for all information that is disclosed in the account. If the account is accessed by unauthorized third parties, E-stabil assumes no responsibility for the consequences that may occur.

At the explicit request of the user addressed to info@e-stabil.ro, E-stabil undertakes to correct, update, block, erase or transform into anonymous data and stop processing the personal data of the user, free of charge, according to Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

E-stabil undertakes not to make public users’ e-mail and not disclose to third parties, if it is not a partner expressly agreed, unless this is necessary to respect the law and / or judicial proceedings.

E-stabil not responsible for the attacks that have as purpose theft or vandalism that could lead to the disclosure or compromise of data.

E-stabil does not assume any responsibility for situations where users publish their address or any other personal data on their own initiative in a public message on any E-stabil webpage.

The www.e-stabil.ro website’s policy is not to accept or not to take into consideration unsolicited materials. If site users send such materials, E-stabil reserves the right to consider these materials as non-confidential and free of any personal or proprietary rights.

User identities will not be disclosed if, through information posted, they could be put in danger. For registration, users can choose a password. Users agree to never borrow the password to another user, for his own protection and for the validity of the information submitted. They also agree to NEVER use another member’s password to post messages.

www.e-stabil.ro uses "cookies" to identify users. They do not contain any personal data of the user and present no risk if they are intercepted by third parties. If the browser is configured to not accept them, some pages may not work partially or totally.

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9. Eligibility

The website, applications and services are designed exclusively for people over 18. Any access or use of the Site, Application or Services by anyone under 18 is explicitly prohibited. By accessing or using the Site, Application or Services you declare and warrant that you are minimum 18 years old.


10. Reservations and Financial Terms

10.1. Key definitions

10.1.1. "Accommodation Fees" refer to the amounts due and payable by the guest in exchange for accommodation in a certain space. The host personally, and not E-stabil, is setting those amounts. The host, by her own will, may decide to include into these amounts a cleaning fee or any other fee permitted by the E-stabil platform, as well as taxes that the host determines she has to collect.

10.1.2. "Away Fee" means the commission E-stabil perceives from th guests for using the online platform, which is calculated as a percentage of applicable accommodation charges. The guest's charge will be shown to the Guest when he will be asked to send a booking request to a Host.

10.1.3. "Host Fee" means the commission E-stabil perceives from the host in exchange for using the online platform, which is calculated as a percentage of applicable accommodation charges. Host Fees will be shown when the Host is asked to accept or reject a reservation request from a potential guest.

10.1.4. "Taxes on Services" means collectively Host Fees and Guests Fees.

10.1.5. "Total Charges" means collectively Accommodation Fees and Guest Fees (plus any tax on guest fees, such as VAT in Europe).

10.2.Reservations and Financial Terms for Hosts

If you are a host and you're sent a booking request through the Site, Application or Services, you will be asked either to confirm or to deny the request. Otherwise, the reservation request will be canceled automatically. When a booking is requested through the Site, Application and Services, we share with you the name and surname of the guest that made the request, a link to the guest’s E-stabil account and a indication that the name the guest made available for E-stabil as username matches the name he provided for the social media sites (SNS) with which he has synchronized the E-stabil account, so that you can can view this information before you accept or to reject the reservation request.

If you are unable to accept or refuse the request for reservation, any amount collected by E-stabil fot the reservation will be returned to the Guest and any pre-authorization of the credit card will be canceled.

When you accept a reservation requested from a guest, E-stabil will send an email, letter or message through the application, confirming this booking, depending on the selections you make through the Site, Application and Services.

E-stabil will collect all taxes upon confirmation of booking (ie when the Host confirms a reservation request) and will initiate pay the accommodation fees (except E-stabil’s commission for the Host and the rest of taxes concerning Hosts Fees such as VAT) to the host within 24 hours of the guest's accommodation in the space (unless the guest requests a refund).

The time required for the host to receive payments can depend on the payment methods chosen by the Host. Some methods involve the use of a third party payment processing, which may require additional fees for the use of their services by the host, including by deduction their fees from the payment amount.

If you owe or you agree to pay any amount to E-stabil (whether as a result of the booking or action as a Guest or otherwise), E-stabil may (but is not obligated to) deduct the amount owed from any amount of payout that E-stabil is due by you as a host and to use the amount withheld for payment of the amount due from you to E-stabil.

If E-stabil uses this method, then your obligation to pay E-stabil will cease in favor of the amount that E-stabil detained and E-stabil will cease to owe anything (including, but not limited to any payment obligation towards you) the amount retained.

E-stabil’s appointment as Limited Agent of Collection of Payments for Hosts:

- Each host names E-stabil hereby Limited Agent of Collection of Payments for Host, with the sole purpose of accepting Accommodation fees from the Guests;

- Each host is agreed that a payment made by a Guest via E-stabil is considered like a payment made directly to the host and the host will provide the Guest the space in the manner agreed upon as the host received the Accommodation fees;

- Each host agrees that E-stabil may, in accordance with the cancellation policy selected by the host and displayed in the listing in question, allow the guest to cancel the reservation and return the Guest part of the accommodation fee, as specified in the cancellation policy applicable . Each host understands that, as E-stabil accept payments from Guests as Limited Agent of Payments Collection on behalf of the host, E-stabil’s obligation of payment to the host is subject to and conditional upon successfully receiving payments from guests. E-stabil assumes no obligation to pay taxes to the host if the fees paid by the guests were not received successfully.

In accepting the designation of Limites Agent of Payments Collection, E-stabil assumes no liability for any act or omission of the Host.

Please note that E-stabil currently charges no fees for the publication of listings. However, as a host, you acknowledge and agree that E-stabil reserves the right, at its discretion, to charge and collect fees from you for publishing listings. Please note that E-stabil will provide notice of any fee charged for the publication of listings through the Site, Application and Services, prior to implementing the alleged charges of publication of listings.

Disclaimers: Hosts are responsible for respecting the renting and temporary housing laws in the country and area where they live. E-stabil assumes no responsibility for failure to comply with these laws by the hosts.

10.3.Reservations and Financial Terms for Guests

The hosts, not E-stabil, are entirely responsible for honoring any confirmed reservations and for the provision of any space reserved through the Site, Application and Services. If you, as a guest, choose to enter into a transaction with a host regarding the reservation of a space, you agree and understand that you have to sign an agreement with the host and agree to accept any terms, conditions, rules and restrictions associated with such a space, imposed by the host.

You acknowledge and agree that you, and not E-stabil, you will be responsible for compliance with any conditions and that E-stabil does not take part in such agreements and / or understandings except for the payment obligations specified below.

E-stabil assumes no liability arising or in connection with any of these agreements.

You understand and agree that, despite the fact that E-stabil does not take part in the agreement between you and your host, E-stabil is acting as an Agent of Payment Collection with the limited purpose of accepting payments from you in the host’s name. After paying your total taxes to E-stabil, your obligation to pay the host for Accommodation fees is respected and E-stabil is responsible for paying the accommodation fee (except for the tax imposed by E-stabil to the Hosts or any tax on Hosts such as VAT in Europe) in the manner described in these terms. If E-stabil does not send any such amounts as described in these Terms, the host may require explanations and only attack via legal methods E-stabil.

Total fees to be paid will be shown to the Guest before he sends a reservation request to a Host. As stated above, the host is required to confirm or reject the reservation request in the range of Application Period for a Reservation, otherwise the reservation request will be rejected automatically.

If a Reservation Request was canceled (it was not confirmed by the host in question), any sum collected by E-stabil will be returned to the Guest depending on the selections the guest makes through the Site and Application and any pre-authorization of the Guest's credit card will be issued, if applicable.

As guest, you agree to pay to E-stabil the total fees for any booking request affiliated to your E-stabil Account, if these requests are confirmed by a host. In order to establish a reservation awaiting confirmation of your request by the respective host, you understand and agree that E-stabil reserves the right in the host’s name, in its sole discretion, to obtain a pre-authorization with your credit card for total charges or to debit your credit card with a nominal amount not to exceed one dollar ($ 1), or a similar amount in the currency of the transaction (eg a euro or a pound) to check your credit card.

When E-stabil receives your booking confirmation from the host, E-Stabil collects the Total Taxes under these Terms and the prices set in the listing.

Please note that E-stabil can not control any fee applicable possible which is applied to a Guest by its bank on the collection of the total charges and E-stabil assumes no liability in this regard.

10.4.Keywords for a better understanding of the use of the site by its users.

"E-stabil Content" means all Content that E-stabil provides through the Site, Application or Services, including any Content licensed by a third party, but excludes the content supplied by the Users.

"The reservation request period" means the period of time (24 hours) starting from the time a reservation request is sent by a Guest (set by E-stabil at its sole discretion), in which a host can decide to accept or reject the request for reservation as provided in the Site, application or Services. Different reservation requests periods can be applied in different places.

"Collective content" refers to the User Content and the E-stabil Content.

"Content" refers to text, graphics, images, music, software (excluding applications), audio, video, information or other materials.

"Guest" means a user (member) that requests the booking of a space from a host through the Site, Application or Services, or a member who lives in a space and is not the host of that space.

"Host" refers to a user who creates a listing via the Site, Application and Services.

"Listing" means the space published by a host in order to rent it through the Site, Application and Services.

"User" means a person who completes the registration process for E-stabil, including but not limited to Guests and Hosts, as specified in "Create Account" below.

"User Content" means all Content that a user posts, uploads, publishes, sends or transmits to be made public via the Site, Application or Services.

"Tax" or "Taxes" means any sale tax, value added tax (VAT), taxes on goods and services, occupancy transitional fees for tourists or other visitors, accommodation charges, charges which may be required to the hosts by law, to be passed to government agencies and / or other municipal state and national agencies to be retained indirectly or other taxes such as income tax for individuals or companies.

Certain areas of the Site and Applications (and your access to or use of certain aspects of the Services or the Collective Content) may have different terms and conditions added and may ask your acceptance and agreement to additional terms and conditions. If there is a conflict between these terms and the terms and conditions added extra for certain areas of the Site, Application, Services or Collective Content, the terms and conditions added extra will have priority with respect to your use of or access to those areas of the Site , Application, Services or Collective Content.


11. Governing Law. Litigation

The Rights and Obligations of the Users and of the Site Administrator, provided by Terms and Conditions, as well as all legal effects the Terms and Conditions cause shall be construed and governed in accordance with the Romanian law.

Any dispute arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions shall be settled amicably. In case of impossibility to reach an agreement, the dispute will be settled by the competent Romanian court located within the area of Bucharest.


NOTE: You understand and agree that by accessing or using the Site, Application or Services, by downloading or publication of any Content in or on the website through applications, services or participation in the Reference System and / or Recommendations you indicate that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms even if you are not registered on the website or applications.

If you do not agree to these terms then you may not access or use the Site, applications, services, collective content or participate in the recommendations program.

If you accept and agree to these terms as a company or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to comply that company or legal entity to these terms and in this case "you" will be and will apply to that company or legal entity.