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Short-term rentals for accommodation in Galati

Galati is a beautiful and modern city located on the Danube promenade. Find short-term accommodation in Galati and enjoy the largest city of Moldova. Rental opportunities in Galati are many and diverse - modern, fully equipped apartments, homes in a harmonious combination of high-tech and vintage decor, all of them in good taste.

Top attractions in Galati

The most important tourist attractions in Galati are the Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu House, home of the famous Romanian writer, and the Zoo, which covers an area of over 7 hectares. Visit the Museum of Natural Sciences, which has a complex astronomical observatory, an aquarium, a sensory garden and an impressive botanical garden with thousands of varieties of plants. Don’t miss the Precista fortified church, the oldest historical monument in Galati.

Recommended activities in Galati

The sunrise and sunset are spectacular near the Danube. On the Danube promenade you can find many restaurants, pubs and terraces where you can enjoy an evening in a beautiful setting. A superb restaurant in in the Television Tower, where you can enjoy a wonderful view over the city. Near the city you can visit Brates Lake, the largest meadow lake in Romania and an important base for fishing and the forests Garboavele, Buciumeni and Adam, ideal for a picnic.

How to get to Galati

The best option to get here is by train, the train station in Galati being connected with the most important cities in Romania. Galati is 240 kilometers away from Bucharest, a drive that can be made within hours. Galati has an airport, but no flights are scheduled regularly - the airport is open for charter flights from / to any city in Romania.